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Over time roofs get dirty and organisms such as: algae, lichen, and moss build up on roof tops.These organisms feed off the materials in the shingles causing damage to roofs. These organisms can eat through shingles and roof decks causing wood rot. When this happens, moisture gets in through the cracks causing mold to grow. Mold growth in a home or business can pose health risks to the family living in the home or employees in business, premature replacement of roofs, and permanent damage to roofs. Do not ignore a dirty roof! Other reasons to clean roof:

Insurance companies in some states can cancel home owner’s or business owner’s policies.
Insurance companies know that untreated roof stains will harm roofs leading to mold growth in homes, which could cost them money in a claim.

Algae covered shingles absorb heat, overheating attic and increasing cooling costs.
Circle 3 Roof Clean Plus safely and gently, removes stains helping restore roof back to its natural condition and efficiency.

Restore the beauty of a home or business
A dirty roof diminishes home’s or business’s curb appeal. The roof is one of the main (and most expensive to replace) things a person looks at when planning to buy a home or business. So when planning to sell a home or business roof cleaning is a plus, adding to the outside appeal of home or business and making the roof look new.

The smell of rotting wood attracts animals because in nature animals learn to associate this smell with shelter.
Most of the time animals chose to go through home or business where wood has started to rot.

Before any costly repairs, premature, and permanent damage to roof decks occur have our professionals at Circle 3 Roof Clean Plus gently clean the roof with a soft wash no pressure system.

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