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You may or may not realize this, but your home is surrounded by concrete and you may not be aware of how dirty it really is. The years of buildup of stains on driveways and sidewalks include grime, dirt, mold, mildew, rust, oil, as well as hard water, and efflorescence stains. This happens very slowly over time, and many people just get used to dirty concrete. It becomes darker and darker month by month, year after year.

Stained concrete creates a hazard, especially in wet conditions, which increases the potential for slip and fall accidents. They project a negative image that you and your neighbors see each and every day, and results in an adverse effect on the value of your property for resale.

But with Circle 3 concrete cleaning, you don’t have settle for dark, dirty sidewalks and driveways. We take great pride in our pressure washing service that transforms dark stained concrete back to its original color in like new condition. The years of build-up are washed away as a new layer of natural, original color comes through. We also clean many other surfaces such as Garage Floors, Pavers, Flagstone, Travertine, Pool Decks, and just about anything else!

It may be tempting to rent a pressure washing machine and try to clean it yourself. But we have found the DIY pressure cleaning results are less than stellar. Most often, the cleaning is uneven, and stains are left behind that cannot be removed without certain cleaning agents. Sometimes damage occurs when the wand gets too close to the surface, or the surface isn’t evenly and thoroughly cleaned because the wand wasn’t close enough. It’s a fine line! And this is why we recommend allowing professionals to handle the pressure cleaning around your house. Circle 3 will provide incredible transformative concrete services at affordable rates.


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