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One of the modern trends that homeowners are enjoying more and more throughout Anderson is the addition of various types of decks, usually built in the backyard area. In addition to these decks coming in a wide variety of styles and colors, the material varies from wood, to vinyl, and composite. Decks are a beautiful way to provide a seamless flow from outdoor to indoor spaces, and are enjoyed by individuals, families, as well as small and large groups. Decks are usually exposed to the elements and show signs of deterioration from things like weather and climate, wildlife, foot traffic, and other such variables. Pets and small children using it as a play area also contribute significantly to the visual appearance of the deck. This is why it’s so important to keep decks looking their best by making sure they are cleaned at regular intervals. Decks are designed to last for 25 years or more, and yet many homeowners end up replacing their deck in as little as 10 years, simply because they failed to keep it well maintained through regularly scheduled cleanings.

When decks are not well maintained, we know that homeowners do not use them nearly as much as when they are kept clean. At Circle 3, we know how important deck spaces are to family and friends and we have the professional-grade equipment, training and expertise to ensure your deck always looks great and achieves its maximum life span potential. Whether you use it for bar b ques, sunbathing, reading a book, entertaining friends, or just for a quiet place to relax, we know you will greatly enjoy your deck once Circle 3 has cleaned it thoroughly.

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